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Long Covid Clinic Dublin / Edinburgh

What is Long Covid?

Long Covid is a term used to describe those who are still unwell at least three months following their acute COVID19 infection. The symptoms are widely varied, as the Long Covid virus attacks many parts of the body. However, the underlying mechanism appears to be brain and nerve inflammation, and most patient symptoms are a function of the damage to the nervous system. With time, some people improve, but many with Long Covid, up to thirty percent in some studies, including studies we have done ourselves at our Long Covid Clinic in Dublin, have persistent pain syndromes, brain fog, head pressures, concentration problems, energy problems, and mood problems. This can be mild or can be debilitating.

The main focus of Long Covid treatment needs to be 'neuro rehabilitation', with training the brain to repair the damage done, and taking medicines and supplements that will decrease the inflammation and repair the immune damage done by the COVID19 virus.

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Our Long Covid Treatment Plans

At initial consultation with our specialist, a full history and exam is performed as indicated. Blood tests may or may not be necessary. The treatments are individualised, based on the presenting symptoms, but often include a series of supplements and melatonin which we have piloted in the treatment of Long COVID. LDN appears to have an anti-inflammatory effect, and some kind of immune modulating effect.

A Long Covid treatment plan is designed, and six months of prescriptions are provided for each patient, as this is the timeline for patients to start improving. A repeat appointment is advised at six months.

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Our Fees:

Fee for the initial consultation is 300 euros, with follow up consultations at 250 euros. Blood tests, if required, may incur an additional cost.

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Our Clinic Locations:

Dr Lambert's Long Covid Clinic Dublin

The Catherine McAuley Educational & Research Centre,
21 Nelson Street,
Dublin 7, D07 A8NN, Ireland

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Dr Lambert's Long Covid Clinic Edinburgh

C/O GP-Plus,
24 Dundas Street, Edinburgh EH3 6JN, UK

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Please contact our Dublin office for more information or book an appointment, by email, or call + 353 (0)1 525 9779

Please do NOT contact GP-Plus ltd. Clinic in Edinburgh for Dr Lambert's services. All correspondences/queries must be addressed to our Dublin office.

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Dr John Lambert (MD, PhD)

Dr Lambert is a consultant at the Mater and Rotunda hospitals in Dublin, specialising in Infectious Diseases including Lyme Disease.

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Dublin 7

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