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Long Covid Clinic in Scotland

Our Scotland Clinic

Dr Lambert's Long Covid Clinic Edinburgh, Scotland
C/O GP-Plus,
24 Dundas Street, Edinburgh EH3 6JN, Scotland


Please contact our Dublin office for more information or book an appointment, admin@iddoctor.eu by email, or call + 353 (0)1 525 9779

Please do NOT contact GP-Plus ltd. Clinic in Edinburgh for Dr Lambert's services. All correspondences/queries must be addressed to our Dublin office.

Long Covid Services Scotland

Our Long Covid clinic in Scotland provides the following services:

  • An initial consultation is performed by our Long Covid specialist, Dr Jack Lambert.
  • Patient exam and full history assessment is performed prior to creating a treatment plan.
  • Based on the presenting symptoms, an individualised treatment plan is prepared.
  • Six months of prescriptions are then provided to each patient.
  • A follow up appointment at our Scotland based clinic is advised after six months.

Our Long Covid Specialist

Dr Lambert is a consultant in Medicine and specialises in the assessment and treatment of Infectious Diseases including Long Covid and Lyme Disease. He qualified in New York State and has in excess of 20 years’ experience, during which time he has evaluated and diagnosed many patients suffering from infectious diseases. In addition, during his time at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, he was involved in the evaluation of a then soon to be licensed Lyme Vaccine and is a member of the Data Safety and Monitoring Board for this vaccine.

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Professor Lambert Long Covid Expertise

Professor Jack Lambert is a consultant in adult and pediatric infectious diseases with a recent special interest in Long COVID. Dr Lambert worked as director of the Mater Hospital Highly infectious diseases unit, the National Isolation Unit of Ireland, between 2010 and 2018, and the Mater was the first to receive Covid patients back in 2020, and then the first to develop a centre for the follow up of patients with Long COVID in Ireland. Dr Lambert has seen over 1700 patients with Long COVID, and was the recipient of an Irish Grant (health research board) to study Long COVID. Out of this grant has come over 20 peer review publications, including the longitudinal follow up of patients from the 'first wave' and a pilot study on the use of LDN in the support of patients with Long COVID. This has been published in the scientific literature, and recently National geographic magazine highlighted the use of LDN for LC, highlighting a Dublin patient who recovered with LDN being used as part of the treatment regime. The problems with Long Covid are residual brain inflammation, dysautonomia, immune dysfunction, mitochondrial damage, and brain hypoperfusion likely a function of microclot development. Treatment at the Dublin and Edinburgh Long COVID Clinic is focused on targeting all of these pathologies, and providing strategies to repair the damage caused by Long COVID.

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